Notes about seeing the Prince concert on Tues 4 Feb 2014

Notes about seeing the Prince concert on Sun 9 Feb 2014

Notes about seeing the Prince concert on Fri 14 Feb 2014


You don’t often get to see Prince play twice in the space of 24hours.

I queued in the rain and the cold outside the Electric Ballroom in Camden. Today there were more people waiting to see Prince and his band 3rdEyeGirl. I left my place and counted the queue every so often: 150, 200 then 300. By 5pm there were well over 600 people queuing.

The doors opened and the punters went in (before the guest list people!). Excitement, doesn’t event come close to describing the feeling.

For £10 we were treated to one hour 20 mins of funky rock and roll. The music moved from funk to rock seamlessly. It was loud and the crowd was loving it.
I’ve not been amongst such an energetic audience since I was in school and brit pop was on the radio. Back then it was school kids bouncing up and down in baggy sweaters. Tonight it was engineers, tourists and accountants getting sweaty. Many had used the tube strike as an excuse to get out of working.

We got to listen to a lot of their new album tracks and some old hits. They started with Lets Go Crazy and finished with Bambi. I understand the second sitting got to hear Purple Rain, Sign of the Times and Alphabet Street. What’s clear is that no two gigs will be the same.

‘No cameras’ was the message, ‘please participate with the show’. Why would you want to do anything else!?

But all good things must come to an end and at 9.30pm our show was over and we made way for the 800 or so people queueing for the second show.

Final thoughts – Tuesday night was a brilliant sound check. This evening I saw an ace rock concert. Smiles all around.