Notes about seeing the Prince concert on Tues 4 Feb 2014

Notes about seeing the Prince concert on Wed 5 Feb 2014

Notes about seeing the Prince concert on Fri 14 Feb 2014


It took me an hour to get to the Shepherd’s Bush Empire from my flat – cycling, wind in my face. When I arrived there were 115 people before me in the queue. It was somewhat of a surprise to find out that the tickets for the gig were going to be £70. But I stayed in the queue knowing it was going to be money well spent.

I set about counting the queue and reporting numbers on Twitter. Partly to encourage those who were undecided about coming down, partly to keep myself entertained and partly to keep myself moving (and warm). By 3pm the queue had reached 500 people. At 4pm there were 650. By 6pm it was at 1000 and growing faster than ever.


People were making friends in the queue. Lots of people were on their own and the atmosphere was jovial. We even got a delivery of free hot chocolate. From Prince? Surely not, but apparently so!

A rumour started to circulate moments before the doors opened – tickets were now £10. Goodness knows what happened behind closed doors, but the price on our paper tickets certainly said £70, yet we only paid a tenner. Prince later said ‘You want a lot for your ten dollars’. Surely the price of these gigs can’t stay at £10!? A beer at the bar cost me £4.90 for goodness sake! A three hour Prince gig for the price of two beers!!!

We certainly got a lot for our money. Three hours of new tracks and old hits. We had Prince on the guitar, Prince on the piano, the lights in the venue were great and the production has taken a step up from the Electric Ballroom. The band were phenomenal – powerful drums, funky base and incredible & energetic guitar. The venue was small and intimate and a millions miles from the huge cavernous O2.

Presiding over 3rdEyeGirl’s monumental performance was George Clinton. He sat up in the balcony in a white suit and after the show, instead of hanging out back stage, he decided to go for a kebab down Goldhawk Road. The man is a dude.

Final thoughts: 1. These shows are unmissable. They are getting better and better. 2. It has been possible to arrive an hour before doors open and still get in 3. I’m sure ticket prices will go up for future shows.